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Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy

Each day we dedicate ourselves to delivering a working environment where we cause no harm to people and minimize our impact on the environment.

EHS Policy Implementation

We implement our EHS Policy through:

  • Standards that define EHS systems, management expectations, procedures and programs
  • Guidelines that provide a clear and consistent reference for our workforce  
  • Compliance with applicable environmental, health and safety laws and other standards that we voluntarily adopt
  • Training, technical, financial and human resources to support implementation of our EHS Policy
  • Corporate and individual accountability and responsibility for delivering a safe and environmentally responsible working environment

Environmental Stewardship

We dedicate ourselves to operating in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We encourage our employees to continually improve environmental performance by providing training and the human, technical, physical and financial resources to achieve our environmental goals. 

At QEP Resources, we act to:

  • Ensure that we meet or exceed the requirements of environmental laws and other standards that we voluntarily adopt
  • Ensure that all our employees recognize their responsibilities for complying with environmental rules and implementing this policy
  • Encourage our employees to continue to improve their environmental performance by providing the training and the human, technical and financial resources to achieve our environmental goals
  • Prevent pollution and respond to any incidents quickly and effectively

Climate Change

The debate over man-made climate change is potentially one of the most consequential environmental issues of our time. The discussion centers on three questions:

  • To what extent is human activity – specifically, fossil-fuel use – affecting the global climate?
  • What are the long-term consequences of higher carbon dioxide levels in the upper atmosphere?
  • What should be done about it?

Despite the complex and uncertain science, we believe the federal government is more likely than not to act to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, but the timing and scope of such regulation remains highly uncertain. In advance of carbon regulation, we voluntarily measure and disclose our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions pursuant to the World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Carbon Disclosure Project. We've formed a GHG interdisciplinary team to identify and manage risks related to carbon regulation, and recommend company actions in response to those risks. QEP Resources management reviews its climate change risks and strategies with the Board of Directors regularly.

We intend to be part of America's lower-carbon energy future.  We believe that greater use of natural gas must be part of America's clean-energy solution.  America can cut CO2 emissions in half by using natural gas instead of coal to produce electricity and we can cut CO2 emissions by 30% by running our cars on natural gas instead of gasoline.  We can cut CO2 emissions by as much as 90% by heating our homes with natural gas instead of other fossil fuels.

QEP Resources aggressively monitors energy consumption and looks for ways to cut energy waste and improve energy efficiency in all company operations. We believe that increased use of natural gas to meet our energy needs must be part of the America’s response to concerns about man-made climate change.


Innovative ideas, like our award-winning Pinedale liquids gathering system (LGS), demonstrate our commitment to finding new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. QEP Resources has received recognition for innovation and responsible development from both industry and government.  A few examples of recent awards include:

  • 2010 Board of Directors of the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining
    • “Earth Day Award” 
  • 2008 & 2009 U. S. Bureau of Land Management
    • “Trail-Breaking Project Designed to Reduce the Long Term Impact of Development” (LGS)
    • “Responsible Stewardship of Air Resources”
  • 2008 Sweetwater County (WY) Travel & Tourism
    • “Stewardship Award”
  • 2007 Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission
    • “Chairman’s Stewardship Award”  (Small Company)
  • 2006 Oil and Gas Investor magazine
    • “Best Corporate Citizen” (All Sizes)
  • 2005 Board of Directors of the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining
    • “Earth Day Award” 
  • 2005 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    • “Environmental Achievement Award” (LGS)
  • 2005 Wyoming Game & Fish Department
    • “Oil & Gas Wildlife Stewardship Award


We believe it is both a responsibility and a privilege to give back to the communities in which we live and work.  Our employee volunteers and our shareholder-funded endowments and corporate contributions are focused in three primary areas:

  • Education
    • The QEP Resources Education Foundation funds student scholarships and other activities at colleges and universities that focus on educating the next generation of energy professionals.  
  • Health and Human Services
    • Our longstanding partnership with United Way has allowed QEP Resources and our employees to touch thousands of lives through hundreds of worthy community organizations that focus primarily on health and human services.  Our shareholders leverage the generosity of our employees by matching employee and retiree contributions dollar-for-dollar.  In 2009, we gave over $500,000 to United Way agencies in the communities in which we live and work. 
  • Civic and Community Involvement
    • Our employee volunteers donate thousands of hours to non-profit community service organizations each year. Working in teams and as individuals, they give their time and their talents to help make our communities better places to live.
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